Tuesday, September 22, 2020

RFMH is now using an online full life-cycle Job Posting system named I-Applicant.

If you are a Departmental Administrator or Principal Investigator you have most likely been sent your login name and password to access this new posting system. If you have lost/forgotten or have not received them please contact Human Resources in the RFMH business office.

All new hire positions, both salaried and hourly, must be processed through the i-Applicant system. If there are any special cases where a position should not be posted, e.g. a Principal Investigator being hired on his or her own grant, you need to speak with Human Resource on to how to handle such a case.

The HR office will not accept any new hire papers for a position that has not been fully processed through i-Applicant.

All existing active postings in our current posting system will be transferred to the i-Applicant system without you having to do anything. We have defaulted the close dates on these transferred postings to April 5, 2010. Remember postings come down automatically after the closing date. If you need them to be up longer, e-mail HR to extend the date. This process will apply to any new postings you create as well.

When you create a new posting, you may start by copying a previous posting from your department. Please see the document "How to Copy a Previously Posted Position" for help. Remember, even when you first start out, there will be postings in i-Applicant that we have transferred over to I-Applicant on the start-up date that you could copy from as well as any new ones you create. To modify a posting once it is up, e-mail HR just as you currently do.

Here are some important things you need to do when creating a new posting (line by line on the posting creation form) :

1. "State" field - select "New York" from the drop down list.

2. "Job Title" field - use the Business Card Title from the Salary Plan Document (copy attached) as this is a more descriptive title than the more generic Series Titles we have been using up to now. When you prepare the Employee Appointment Form for the hired candidate, list both titles in the appropriate boxes on the form.

3. "Job Classification" field - leave blank.

4. "Job ID" field - fill in the account number(s) this position will be funded by followed by "Child N" if this position does not involve substantial unsupervised contact with children or "Child Y" if it does, followed by "Lab N" if this position does not involve work in a wet laboratory, or "Lab Y" if it does.

5. "Start Date" - "End Date" fields - there must be a minimum of three full business days between the start and end dates, however it can be as much longer as you wish. We will adjust the start date to the first full date the posting goes up and the end date to the same number of days as you had set it to from your start date when we activate the posting. You cannot close the recruiting process and offer employment until after the close date has passed, so think carefully about how long you want the posting to be active. If you reach the closing date and still need to recruit, you can e-mail Dennis and ask that the date be extended.

6. "Salary Range" field - set the salary from the salary plan document attached that corresponds to the job you are offering. The salary should be the hiring rate of the grade you are offering plus $3,026 location pay only if the position is 100%. You can put in a salary range up to the Job Rate for the grade that corresponds to the position, but remember you will need to include a memorandum from the Principal Investigator with the new hire packet requesting and justifying the higher starting salary.

7. "Exempt/Non-Exempt" field - select "Exempt" for grades 14 and higher and "Non-Exempt" for grades 13 and lower.

8. "Benefits" field - type in "Full Benefits According to Percentage of Full-Time".

9. "Employment Type" field - select "Full Time" for full-time salaried, "Part Time" for part-time salaried, or "Casual" for hourly.

10. "Division/Department" field - select your department name.

11. "Description" area - fill in or copy and paste with text describing this position.

12. "Duties" area - fill in or copy and paste with text describing the duties of this position.

13. "Qualifications" area -fill in or copy and paste with text listing educational requirements, experience requirements, skills and abilities required, and special requirements, the text regarding child abuse screening if required (word document with the standard text attached for use in copying to the posting), the text regarding phlebotomy if required (word document with the standard text attached for use in copying to the posting), and on all postings the standard closing with our EEO/AA statement and how to apply statement (word document with the standard text attached for use in copying to the posting).

14. "Job Category" field - pick the most appropriate from the drop down list. We find "Healthcare" is usually most appropriate.

15. "Email" field - list the e-mail or e-mails to whom the applications will be sent.

16. "Email Job Notification" field - always list jobs@rf.cpmc.columbia.edu .

17. "City" field - type in "New York City".

18. "County" field - select "New York County" from drop down list.

19. "EEOC Job Categories" field - select the most appropriate category from the drop down list that applies to this position.

20. "Additional Job Information" area - optional use to make notes or include special instructions that will be seen only by you and my office. Anything in this box will not show on the posting itself.

21. "Optional: Extra Questions" area - this is an optional area. You may find these questions useful to help pre-screen applicants on vital characteristics for the position.

Remember there is a "How To Video" imbedded in the program to help you. You can also call the HR office for assistance.

After your job is posted and applications come in, each application must be accounted for in the applicant tracking process. See the attached document "i-Applicant Tracking Process" for instructions as to how to enter the required information for each applicant. Remember, applications for all positions can only be made electronically through i-Applicant on and after March 26, 2010. Applications made any other way will not be accepted nor be valid.

When you have reached the hiring stage, your must note this as well in the i-Applicant Tracking Process. Remember, you cannot offer employment until after the close date of the posting. You must also give the potential new hire an offer letter that conforms to RFMH specifications (see attached "Official Offer Letter" document). This offer letter must be printed on RFMH stationary only with two originals signed by both parties. One original is for the employees new hire packet and one for the new hire employee to keep.

Please print out a copy of the job posting and include it with the new hire's employment packet.

When the new hire employee packet reaches us, we will run a report to check that all applicant tracking information has been entered for the position in i-Applicant. If any data is missing, we will not be able to accept the new hire papers and they will be returned to you pending the complete entry of the applicant tracking information.